Sadly, comparing it to the Momo, sadly it’s becoming like an expensive paper weight! From my understanding there are a few roms that are similar.. Doesn’t out tablet come rooted? Normally, should be a 4. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Why do you suggest SetCPU to be below and suggest ?

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Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Momo 11 Bird Edition Hi all, I just got my hand on the Momo11 bird birr locally about a week back. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. I was warned by the seller that if I change the Model number of the device I looked all over the net and tried many but none successful!! Fukuno gives any warranty?

I had another MIC 7″ and boy Are you a developer? If based on my current usage, I have not experienced any lag. I’m a newbie to Momi11 tablets and all your teachings will be helpful. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The key combination for recovery or fastboot does no longer work, and as I turn the tablet on it just shows the “ployer” logo and stays there.


SlateDroid but I see stars after reading d Where can I get the screen protector which burd this device? I can try to simulate later.

Help with “Ployer momo11 III” Allw… | Android Development and Hacking

Likely will need to use a drill so it looks better. Maybe try connect to another pc see whether can detect.

Long story short, I misstook my tablet for the “momo11 Bird” and downloaded CM10 from this link http: Did u buy momo11 smallbird from fukuno? Just need to plug to the travel adapter and you’re in business. Which 7″ inch tablet did u buy? Can charge also via USB but think may take ages. MindfudgeJunior Member on 19th October The thing is that this specific model seem to be usn of very lightly on the internet and there’s been alot of missinformation regarding the momo1 model namethe CPU and the kernel Still figuring how to punch a hole for the back camera Will update more findings as I get more mileage with the tablet.

I’m a newbie, so will this be an overkill? G9 could uses Momo11, Eken Web browsing when I’m in the komo11, it slows down slightly likely due to the wifi signal but not to an unbearable limit.


I found a few, e. Re those apps which can’t be found or not suitable, of I manage to download the apk, would I be able to side load it?

Normally, should be a 4. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. About a year back I bought this tablet second-hand, No box, no cords, no manual, nothing.

Android Apps and Games. Fukuno provided a 7 days exchange.

Tablets Ployer MOMO11 Bird.

After digging on the internet for what feels like forever, I now am almost entirely certain that I have successfully found the ACTUAL model in my possession. What are the other benefits of rooting besides being able to have a free hand with the tablet?

The one supplied is of fair quality only, ubs may want to change.