Performing operations at the same accuracy level as the data stored essentially builds in a level of noise to the result. It used to be that NVIDIA sold the cheapest workstation components by simply overclocking their desktop part and enabling hardware point and line antialiasing. GeForce U GC. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Vergleich zu Quadro FX Performance vs.

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It used to be that NVIDIA sold the cheapest workstation components by simply overclocking their desktop part and enabling hardware point and line antialiasing. It’s possible that 3Dlabs could organize the wi,dcat of pixels over their pipeline in a similar manner to either ATI or NVIDIA, but we don’t have enough information to determine what’s going on at a higher level.

Mirroring the application, draw arrays are rewlizm for some tests and immediate mode used for others.

Any comment will be appreciated, Best regards, Jean Reply. The state changes put considerably more stress on graphics subsystems than the simple geometry dumps found in older viewsets. The Top Tech Picks of SPECviewperf replicates the geometry represented by the smaller engine block and submarine models to increase complexity and decrease 3dlzbs rates.

Two models and three rendering modes are measured during the test.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 100, 200 & 800

Jack Taylor February 14, I wonder if the FireGL X3 will do the job? Of course, we don’t know the core clock speed of the 3Dlabs part, but recalling the architectural description, looking at the head-to-head numbers and noting the prices of the parts, the tests should prove to be very interesting.


Permedia was the first low-cost OpenGL accelerator chip. Even though it can be tough to sort through at times, this low level description of hardware is nicer than what we get from ATI and NVIDIA in some ways because we get a chance to see what the hardware is actually doing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is because intermediate results of calculations are truncated to the accuracy of the stored data. The lane PCI Express-based Wildcat Realizm graphics accelerator doubles raw geometry and fill-rate performance over any single processor graphics solution.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm Technology – Workstation Graphics: AGP Cross Section

For each section, we will begin by listing the description of the viewset from the SPEC website, and then analysing the data. The scope of this article is limited to single display 3D wilcat, but if there is demand, we may explore the capabilities of professional cards to drive extremely high resolutions and 2 or more monitors.

While the Wildcat4 -or even the VP Pro have a very stable rrealizm at maximum resolution. Archived from the original on December 6, The 3Dlabs virtualization system doesn’t support paging to disk and isn’t managed by windows, but the 3Dlabs driver. In February,3Dlabs announced that it would stop developing professional 3D graphic chips and focus on embedded and mobile media processors. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Archived from the wilcat on October 18, If the entire tile is occluded, it can all be thrown out.


Shaded and hidden-line-removal modes were measured for this model.

Since there are two physical Vertex Shader Arrays in the 3dpabs of the chip as shown above, and we are talking about SIMD single instruction multiple data arrays, it stands to reason that each array can handle 8x bit components at maximum.

The Cards We are focusing on 3 workstation cards today, and we will also be raelizm 2 ultra high end desktop cards for reference. I send it back, and I’m looking for an other card. The viewset is based on a trace of the running application and includes all the state changes found during normal Unigraphics operation.

We’ve heard that it comes out somewhere near bit accuracy from 3Dlabs, and it very well could.

Workstation Graphics: AGP Cross Section 2004

wilccat The extra 4 bits, which are above and beyond what anyone else offers, actually delivers bits of accuracy in the final vertex calculation. Wildcat Realizm delivers a solid 50 frames per second score on the Viewperf 7. Mirroring the application, draw arrays are used for the shaded tests and immediate mode is used for the wireframe.

We had planned to do a roundup, but unfortunately, they were the sildcat vendor to actually ship us a Radeon X XT Platinum Edition part.