But how long will it takes to calibrate the touchscreen of my P? Of all the competitors on this list, the tPhone gets the praise for being the most gutsy. I am thinking of selling it and want to promote it is as it comes out of the box. Any chance it has the ability to do spreadsheets? Are you trying a larger capacity T-flash?

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Would the same apply for the A cables, meaning you would kphone to order a good size quantity? I put everything on this site already… Read this page and u will find it…. I was really meant to be used overseas. I have verizon wireless and I was wondering if I get the sim card for the world phone, if verizon can set up my number and all my information on that sim card? Thanks everyone who has taken time to help.

They did iphonf tell me if they hid it or called their provider and had it turned off. Not advised to do that. Now Select the top entry English 6. Again good luck my friend…. The touch-keypad is pretty small, and that is the only major problem I have with this phone…. The P specs are not clear in this matter. I dont know whether it supports wmp. Hello, Can someone help me.


CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

Like that has never happened before ever in the history of the internet. I will get a new uphone card and try that. Here are a couple of stumbling blocks I am running into, so hoping someone can let me know if I am missing something, 1. I would imagine it woild work with all though….

I took a little trip outside my metro area today to get away from the MHz towers. And you are able to get emergency ;168, correct?

Power off and restart. But how long will it takes to calibrate the touchscreen of my P? That brings up the keypad display on mine without disrupting the call. Make sure its in the right sim slot.

iPhone XS – Apple

What could be my problem? Rob on April 28, Applw had to start the list off with the Prada for two reasons: For the uninitiated, this clone could easily pass for a genuine iPhone, but we know better. I am concluding that a good number of the included applications are of minimal use unless you speak Chinese.

Can anyone tell me if this phone has an FM player or not? They matched the sim with the imei of the phone. I have the cectpthe phone hase a security password that i dont know, does any one know a generic password or how to remouve it.


Other people rely on accurate information. If so, then that would be a no. Linda k look iot seem like it does not work for the most part cuz i have teh same phone and ilhone does not work for me it seem that it does not work for some place where u live but it can get call form some cell phone like jap phone and some land line call but for the most part the phone iphlne only turn off on u when u get a call if i find out how to fix it i will repost on here agan.

I will wait until I get paid Friday. How stupid I never thought of that what SD do i use for this phone and is there anyway that i could download youtube videos on the phone.