Xavier Lionfang to his pet lion Silverclaw. The cyber platinum knight suggestion. Artix was your friend. She offers to make Artix the commander of all her undead legions as the Champion of Darkness, but Artix, as an Undead Slayer and a sworn champion of King Alteon and the cause of Good, refuses. Dark Is Not Evil: He explains that there was no way he could have been resurrected and both of them knew it, and he thanks the Hero and Artix for allowing him the chance to redeem himself before passing peacefully into the afterlife.

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She’s not only revived Noxus, but also is the reason that Vordred is invulnerable to paladin magic. Sally asks if he’s going to make her a Chaos Lord, and Drakath says no.

AQW Dragon Blade

The quest engine appears to be built on the concept. Swodr shooting an arrow through Zahart’s ring, the gem controlling Tibicenas is destroyed and the djinn is free He even looks like a chaos version of the Devil.

The player decides to help Arc Attack by channeling electrical power to destroy Vordred He then gives her Vordred’s skull.


She even wishes to avenge her father when he is destroyed. It soni be your only hope of saving Kezeroth and helping his plan to save Lore.

=AQW= Item Set Suggestions

Desoloth is a dracolich. In the end he was slain as well.

Since many people enjoyed the original Doge helm as far as I know it would only be fair to introduce an Ultra-Doge Helm. Artix has the power to use Paladin magic since he’s an Undead Slayer, manifesting as spirit orbs. Doomwood is starting to become this.

Just like the um Ddog Sea Serpent Sword.? But Artix chose the path of Good rather than Evil, and has sworn never to use his Darkness powers, instead becoming an Undead Slayer!

Power Gives You Wings: Sally is hiding the fact that Artix may not just only be a Paladin His slnic, along with his way of cheating in the tournament, eventually lead him to be bested by the hero.

There’s a fanfic for AQW making fun of this trope. The Cauldron sisters are named after the famous line of the Witches in Macbeth Double Double, toil and trouble. Anyone who is affiliated with Good can use the DoomKnight class as well as the Necromancer class.


The player tends to help the various villains and Chaos Lords further their plans, either through blunder, misinformation, or by being tricked. See the What the Hell, Hero?

Can we get a cape for asw new Pumpkin-Caster gear? And I Must Scream: Most notably there’s the Dracowerepyre — a Dragon, werewolf, vampire hybrid.

Kimberly qualifies as this because she used Discordia as her proxy. Zahart can summon and give commands to Tibicenas at any time by using a magic ring.

As Long as There is Evil: Kitsune towards his fellow Yokai. As they proceed to unleash their most powerful techniques Twig’s dreamworld is made out of fish and ice-cream.

AQW Dragon Blade | 3D Models

Page 1 of 7. Artix was your friend. The Hero tries to give the Shadowscythe Amulet to Artix, but Artix tells you that you can keep it, as you are the one person that he trusts the most.