However, installing both “directmusic” and “dsound” using winetricks should give you working audio. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if it was partly to blame on discord as they broke alsa support, fixed it and proceeded to break it again. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Not completely unbearable but I guess it’s better than the seconds with an echo. SA and Stronghold come to mind and I’m also looking for a possible fix.

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But at least I can snap games! On a sidenote, that specific application maybe depends on dotnet40 package in playonlinux, so I will pilseaudio need to sort this when making the snap.

Green Tree 3. If I use pure alsa, all my audio problems go away. Page Discussion View source History.

In a terminal run winetricks. I will look into building an osu!


Wine’s directmusic implementation dmusic, dmime, dmloader, etc is very incomplete. To see which backend Wine chose, launch the Wine configuration program winecfg pulsesudio click the Audio tab. However, this should be considered a workaround as it may not work across every Wine version, PulseAudio versions, distributions, etc. And so I did, and it works. The game is Age of Empires 2 HD. There is a patch available here which adds this environment variable override automatically.


I tested this method successfully with Ubuntu I only have a link to a section in the Arch Wiki wrch, unfortunately. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I agree with FossFreedom, however I would add that you may also need to un-install Wine and delete the. Works like the winetricks mentioned by fossfreedom but this is only for sound in general. I hope you found this post interesting, despite being very lengthy. An external git tree, frequently synced with main Wine, would be the best way to start. I set mine to 2 fragments of 3ms each, for a total of 6ms.

In addition to the usual bug guidelinesplease also include all of the following information:.

I just applied suggestions from the PulseAudio LatencyControl wiki page here. Since SDL is a cross-platform library, it has this same functionality on Linux.

However, it is also usually shipped with configuration files to meet nearly perfect stability on any kind pukseaudio systems. VasyaNovikov 1 6. Wine and pulse audio latency self.


Audio issue (crackling) on Lutris/Wine/Playonlinux – General Discussion – Lutris Forums

Please consider filing a bug if you find that your application’s audio works in one mode but not wwine other, as Wine should support both. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Only “solution” I’ve found so far that gets rid of the noise is to remove pulse.

If you are using a Wine prefix from an older version of Wine, you may have an incompatible driver hard-coded into the registry. I am aware that wine has just undergone a complete rewrite of the audio system and maybe winetricks could still help with your question I remember it was similar for me, with the distortion and partial echo thing starting when I run Mumble.

I’ve had the same issues in some lulseaudio GTA: Submit a new text post. Choosing either Windows 7 or Windows XP may cause your application to use a different audio system, which may have better success.