No registered users and 0 guests. There are only two scenarios worth mentioning about Directsound or MME failing: Jun 23, 8. Did find out about AudioGraph over here though. Enter your search terms Submit search form. For systems without a sound card, install the trial version of Virtual Audio Cable.

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Jun 23, 8. There must be a mathematical difference.

Rather, it is a forum which has ruled out – explicitely – certain unfounded opinions known to be biased by and way too often nothing but artifacts of imagination. I was just playing and wasn’t recording anything the other day when I tried it, but today I knowticed with recording it seemed like ASIO was more accurate or something.

Today I started the set, and some friends came to tell me that my output was too lower than the DJ before me.

DirectSound vs. WASAPI vs. ASIO

Also, you can’t use timecodes since you don’t have any inputs and the latency is very bad. Directsound is susceptible to dircetsound and programs “interference”. But with asio it’s more of a “you hear what you get” with direct sound it’s usually “your mixdown sounds better”.


TwoEars Gerbil First Class. The only thing that surfaced was a lot of chkdsk errors during restoration process which led to a total restoration failure. This is about the protocol. UnfriendlyFire Gerbil Team Leader.

Directsound vs WASAPI vs ASIO

For listening, or reproduction, there really is NO audible difference. Expecting very low latency, wanting to play multiple streams at the same time, sampling rates and bit depths supported, etc.

Your Delta 44 is most likely going to have much better preamps and converters than your built-in soundcard, so you are wise to try and find a way to use it.

Are you recording while your playing?

ASIO is a technology designed for low-latency. Jun 23, Try starting with a value of and increase until the stuttering stops. It’s an easy directsond to salience web pages you stumble on that blast 50 thousand different videos or songs while not being disturbed listening to your own music. Hence the mixer is involved.

SqueezePlay for Windows with ASIO, DirectSound, WASAPI and WDMKS device support.

This page was last modified on 13 Aprilat I’d be happy to be proven wrong using researched measurements. If that proves true, the most probable reason is wrong setup on your system.


What I was trying to do was use ASIO drivers for my input-to-track mappings for recording, but use my Realtek built-in sound card for the “master” output as I do not have powered monitors and therefore can’t take advantage of the Delta 44’s discrete outputs. I had the Klipsch ProMedia 2. Last Jump to page: If Squeezeplay is unable to open your default sound device can cause the connection to server to fail as well.

Windows: should you use DirectSound(default), WASAPI or ASIO

All other creative functions like compression or EAX are disabled. Hydrogenaudio is a technical, factual, and informational forum.

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LostCat Minister of Gerbil Affairs. Any value higher than is reset to This is by far the best audio mode possible in Windows.