Then i would open Unreal 2k3, and my machine would just freeze. After you have reached a suitable overclock with the core, do the same with the memory. Options Quote message in reply? Hey guys, I got a radeon a little while ago, and its an OK card. Join Date Aug Posts

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how to overclock my radeon 9200 pro?

The time now is Overclocking my radeon IM jsut wondering how far i can go before i fry my ati radeon Originally Posted by avalanche Improved my 3DMARKSE score from about up toIn certain scenes, boosting from like 45 fps up to fps Once I noticed a texture resolution drop in one of the test, I removed it though.

I was able to overclock my ATI in my laptop with it! Did it atand now i’m at Omegadrive make sure you uninstall your ati control panel before you install these. Retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Bu this I mean any kind of video glitch that is out of place, or you know isn’t supposed to be there.

I dosent actually overclock your card it is capable though. When I rebuild my desktop, ahi in that will also get the same treatment, I like the omega drivers, and radlinker is so easy to use! Attached 5volt laptop fan to gpu heatsink, and heatsinks to the video ram using Arctic Alumina Epoxy.


For oberclock, when I was overclocking my beast, I tried out many games, and the first to give way was UT2K3, I was playing a map, and I saw little white specs appearing every now and then, and at that point I went to lower whichever part of the card I was overclocking, until the “snow” went away.

Free Web Developer Tools. Samusmaxx Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Join Date Dec Posts 8. When I first tried it, I just and went a ticked all these boxes to enable stuff, later I relised what each did. I’ve used quake III before, but it doesn’t really test cards these days.

I have tai dell desktop with a Intel P4 processor, and I think I read before that you couldnt overclock a video card if you had an Intel processor, tell me it aint so ovfrclock that I can overclock it. This might reduce the life of the car, but won’t “fry” it at one shot. Apparently it is locked so this is not possible. I would appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction or give me some direction.

The Radtools or ATI tool will overclock it and it will test ok, but the minute I go into a game it resets. So I am trying to find out this info to see how to do it or if there is something I am missing. If you do have a SE, you won’t be able to do much with it.


Yes, I am crazy, and yes, it does develope a lot of heat. Then i would open Unreal 2k3, and my machine would just freeze. Also I have the ATI built Radeonsince you said your friend didnt get allot of headroom, will there be a noticeable improvement or should I not even bother?

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I dont rele have time money to go to the store to buy liguid cooling setup, so i have my side panel off and a house fan, about the size of a average computer case, blowing into my comp. I agree with the Omega drivers. Hope this can help! Username Password Remember Me?

Radeon 9200 overclock

Hey guys, I got a radeon a little while ago, and its an OK card. PS My friend has the Gigabyteand I can’t say that he got lots of headroom out of it, but try it out for yourself. This is kindof a “silly” question but can i run my video card at a core clock speed at mhz and my memory clock speed at mhz without frying my video card.