Note that the Software Revision is still reported as the previous version. Hi, We recently purchased a polycom from ebay as either used or new. So the RoundTable firmware package downloaded directly from Microsoft Downloads cannot be installed on a Polycom-branded CX, and vice-versa. May 8, at 7: For more details see this recent blog article to fully understand how HD video is supported and available in Lync Server April 2, at 6: Not an IT pro?

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Has anyone any idea what could be causing this.

I had to follow the Troubleshooting options on updating firmware. We noticed early on that the Panoramic and active video does not work well with the active camera often showing nothing on the other end and the panorimic showing a still image on either end of the call. May 18, at Richard, the device capabilities are still the same as Microsoft originally designed back inwe’ve looked at the possibilities of enhancing the platform in the past but always end up at the same conclusion that it will be best to improve the design in a newer version.

I just tried to update our CX to the latest version. April 6, at 6: Try playing with the case in the second filename path in different formats as it appears the command does not like the referece to ‘nk.


CX/Roundtable firmware update available | Jeroen Reijling Blog

I do not have a chance to enter the passcode. I have the same problem with constantly rebooting as described in comments, but can’t reach device ‘cos remote location. I was have one interesting problem one CX device. I had to first factory reset with call pickupreset buttons then hold down the flash button for at least 6 cx55000.

CX5000/Roundtable firmware update available

Hi Jim, I’m afraid this does not resolve the issue. January 20, at 8: June 4, at 5: February 13, at 8: And finally I’m not aware of the phantom-ringing issue so it is possible that it is been resolved since I’ve been using these devices, but also possible that I’ve just not seen it as I rarely have them connected to an analog cx55000.

September 12, at 6: So we cannot upgrade the second firmware file as the reboot happens before then. April 4, at 7: I have set the quality setting down to the lowest option, with the same results.

February 14, at 4: Have you tried using the device on other computers avoid using USB 3. So the RoundTable firmware package downloaded directly from Microsoft Downloads cannot be installed on a Polycom-branded CX, and vice-versa.

So if the package upload times-out or fails before completing make sure that the device is connected to a USB 2. I was send the data box one repairing company.


Updating the CX5000 and RoundTable Firmware

I have a Polycomm cx and I am trying to upgrade the firmware. March 1, at 8: Hi Jeff, great article!

February 8, at So with the new units coming out being equipped with HD cameras it was a relatively simple process to update firmware to support p video on these new models. We are using skype for business January 30, at 4: That sounds like you might have the wrong software package type as there should be enough space on the device.

Updating the CX and RoundTable Firmware : Jeff Schertz’s Blog

I have inherited the support of a Microsoft branded Roundtable and was curious if you had seen this issue…The device continues to work correctly save for the fact cx50000 cannot hear audio from the device i. I’m using the roundtable version and I cannot get the audio out of the “audio health — Fail” state.

However, on the second command I am getting this: