If you don’t see them then click on the drop down list that says ‘Windows Printing’ and select Advanced at the bottom. Mar 4, 5: Created this page in 0. At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network. PeeBee on Jan 27, ’10 Click ok or next.

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In the first stage, you disconnect one of the PCs from your network and connect it instead to the DPR, with the supplied cable. Once you’ve got into its firmware, you can reset the server address to fit with your network’s ma, and give it details of your wireless connection.

This much the dlink manual has right. You may want to make some reference to it being your print server printer as you may already have had it working locally attached and working prior. That would be usuallyfirst 3 parts of IP address identical, last part different.

The dialogue boxes for Snow Leopard were slightly different than in this thread but got me close enough to get there. Posted on Mar 3, 9: At this point, according to the manual you are to click on the ‘setup’ tab, unfortunately, this does nothing but spin your ‘working’ icon. Against An expensive solution Complicated set up.


Dave1D on Apr 05, ’08 You can print to and scan from devices connected to it over an What’s New in the Forums? Please click here to view the full list of Mac compatible products. In my case it was assigned If you just click on ‘more printers’ then you will not see ‘Advanced’ and will not get to these other fields that are so critical to this set-up Now I can hear the purring of pages printing off in the next room I am a happy chappy!

How can I get my DPR‑1260 to work with Mac OS X?

I don’t remember, but I may have used the default ‘LPD protocol’, but i do remember you need to use the IP address from step c. Clicking on the Scan button in the DPR ‘s webpage does nothing. Doesn’t it advertise itself on Bonjour? Latest Mountain Lion Hints Visit other IDG sites: Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. Mar 6, 2: PeeBee on Jan 27, ’10 TM backup via Ethernet.

Adding printers to a network either means buying them with networking built in, which is expensive, or using a printer server to give non-networked printers network access.


Just a warning – with I had dpr-160 plunked through pretty well with getting visiting Mac family members to network print to my Samsung ML until somewhere around Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. At this point i came across dpr1-260 following helpful link from another helpful poster.

The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: Install via a Windows machine per instructions and set up with static IP address. First of all, my situation was similar in that i was trying to install the dlink dpr print server on dpr-12660 home network.

How can I get my DPR to work with Mac OS X? | D-Link UK

I still have not figured out ‘scanning’ as that tab also did not work before or after. Voila, it should be printing by now.

Version Description Date Software: Everything went per the book when I installed it by using my rock solid 7 yr old ThinkPad, wireless printing was a breeze in about 30 minutes start to finish.