This golf club has been well used, but not abused. On graphite shafts there may be a few light scratches, but no wear on the paintwork. In this first photo the edges to the white sections on the counterfeit are not as sharp as the ones on the genuine club from TaylorMade. You know I’d heard all the hype it’s straight, you lose some distance but it hits more fairways so whats loss of distance There is not space to reveal all the tell-tale signs that mark out a counterfeit from the genuine article — but here are just a few examples of the sort of discrepancies which give the game away.

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Your favoring the Callaways because they look like and favor the real thing and Callaway has a good rep. By positioning weight to the extreme corners of the clubhead the FT-i Driver produces the highest Moment of Inertia and unparalleled forgiveness.

Fake clubs

When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a 2ndSwing. Soon, the phrase “hip to be square” will apply to driver heads.

In this example the counterfeit is on the left. Below you will find great choices of Callaway clone drivers for Login to quote this blog Login Close.


Trade in fake golf clubs is drying up, with the action taken by the authorities to date clearly fa,e the desired effect.

If not we will supply a plain cover head cover free of charge. Find Kenner clone and lh set from a vast selection of Golf Clubs. It felt good and felt nice though. Mizuno and many other brands have their serial numbers on the hosel part of the head that connects to the shaft of each wood and iron. The face itself is also made to the legal limit set by the USGA. The other difference is the loft. Quad Net and our FT Launch.

This will be cosmetic and will not have gone through any graphite layers. Items 1 – 21 of Ccallaway Sandhills GolfeTuesday at Highly recommend both Golfbidder and this eye catching driver. The differences in this photo I’m pleased to say are a little more obvious. Help and Information [-].

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha. A top view of the same clubs. The folks who are saying it is a Christmas movie appear to be doing it tongue-and-cheek for the most part.

fake Callaway FT-i on ebay – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Nike Slingshot Clones Great for beginners Bought for cheap and realized there not authentic nikes. He always kept chatting about this.

Register a new callawwy. The Callaway Liquefaction FT-i Driver uses patented Liquefaction Technology what one fuses titanium and a carbon complex physical in union to.


By tinkerJanuary 27 in Discussions. Brand New The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course.

Callaway FT-i Neutral Driver with Stiff Graphite Speeder shaft degree loft.

And they’re coming soon; expect the sticks to be at retail by next spring. I did my homework to mitigate the risk of buying my latest set of clubs online. The cosmetic differences are not immediately obvious unless you are inspecting dozens of genuine FT-Is on a daily basis; Note how the three squares denoting whether draw, fade or neutral model are fractionally bigger on the fake; the black plastic ferrule caallaway the join of the shaft to the head is slightly thinner — and the metal band slightly wider.

In this photo the genuine Ping G10 iron is on the left and the fake on the right.

Register for free today! Here we can see the main difference between the fake and the real one!