Again, we start by creating a template file – this one is called tds. You’d have to test it to be sure. I found a lot of dated information out in the interwebs so hopefully this will bring things more up to date. How to test unixODBC:. One case in point is Skype for Business. Doing so means that you can write one lot of database queries which you should be able to use between different databases.

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Doing so means that you can write frertds lot of database queries which you should be able to use between different databases. Popular posts from this blog. In fact; so similar that the communication protocol used by client software to communicate with these servers are virtually identical.

After a big of digging around I came across a solution that worked for me, which is to change a setting in Skype’s manifest file who knew there was one?

Creating a Datasource with FreeTDS and unixODBC

Specifically I’m doing this on Ubuntu The “configure” options can be viewed by executing “. Why are both things necessary? As you might be familiar with from the ODBC of the Windows world, you can pre-define ODBC datasources to easily access the datasource via an alias instead of providing all the connection details when you wish to connect.


As of writing, the debian package tdsodbc is in unstable. You’d have to test it to be sure.

Sign up using Facebook. Let’s go ahead and create a datasource pointing to a SQL Server database so we have that in place for future use from Python. Now, follow the above instructions replacing the configure line for freetds with this: All of the soft…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Whatever helps others the most, and it’s a confusing stack. If like me you like verifying things worked, you can list the datasources installed in unixODBC:. Based on the dated or complete lack of information around this I’m assuming it’s not something that’s very common in the wild, so I thought I’d share what I came up with in case others need to do unixxodbc.

If not, you may get some other message about connection reset or being unable to connect. There are a few moving parts involved so I’m documenting as I go. Rreetds final step in this process is to run a query against the datasource to make sure everything’s working, and we’ll do that using the isql tool that’s included with unixODBC.


RPM resource freetds-unixodbc

Usage count increased to 1. Here are instructions for getting tsql and isql to play nice together. Note frdetds QT application will use files: Type the following into the newly created file and save it: This site uses cookies.

Email required Address never made public. Subsequently these two SQL Servers are very similar. How to test unixODBC:. This is related to the server itself or a connectivity issue firewall, routing, etc. I stuck with Server and provided a host name since that works.

RPM resource freetds-unixodbc

You are commenting using your WordPress. Most calls to the DriverManager get passed onto the loaded Driver to be further processed but that is of little concern to the application.

Check the FreeTDS folks and see if you can get an answer there.

One case in point is Skype for Business.