By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The interest is a soundcard which control surface and MIDI inteface, there is also the number of entries: Preferential use in “computer” to be taken home studio and management, coupled with cubase. Use the interface to control the sequencer is a real pleasure. Pro tools for the control passes through the fire wire even if you do not use the audio interface. So I bought a firewire card and has since trs works well. It did not work right away.

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Brief hyper versatile machine: Worse than a MOTU for example. But its rating used is a bargain! APRs have read and reread the instructions you understand pretty quickly how to work 3 modes. The Tascam FW is a digital mixer and audio interface combined. The small gain knobs and control Phones, Monitor. There is a three band assignable EQ built in, which can be applied to any of the channels, as well as built in panning. Did you find this review helpful? No noise Automation of the 9 faders blameless Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. While it does not have the best sounding pres in the world, if you’re just looking to get started making recordings and want to build a home studio, this would be a perfect place to start in my opinion.


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Subscribe tascqm our free newsletter Subscribe. Chez Moi refuses any other ring road on the firewire port, and it is better to light the tascam before the PC for it to be recognized.

Tascam deconseille this kind of connection, in fact we eprofite spas n d ela full band firewire, and probably only for seesions heavy, it could be a problem I’ll tell you more Write a user review Ask for a user review.

I would do without this purchase hsiter. See the chart builder. Although it have the fw-10822 of a rack unit, rack ell t is not on.


Log in Become a member. Request a new review. The EQ is of course assignable, so it doesn’t actually make any tasacm without linking it to a plug-in. Before you cry foul, Gw-1082 tried it with a laptop. It allows us to do our rehearsals in near silence in the apartment poorly soundproofed. Fe-1082 satisfied with those reviews?

One stereo output, a Phantom for 4 inputs or nothing, One guitar input. Connections are easy, implementing clear and well explained in the manual. The EQ fontions merely drive the equalizer of Cubase. I use it for 2 years, it serves to all! It is firewire based, containing eight channels of faders and inputs, and four built in microphone preamps. The automation of faders is nice trs.


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A control surface HUI mode that takes the match without the essential functions of the command 8but can also be ordered Final Cut, which has a stand alone mode, and an audio interface 10 entries!

The SM57 connected to our input 1 is a little weak by design can give a false impression of low quality preamps. Same for the effects and auxiliaries.

I have almost a me and I lacated the control surface too deadly I compose mostly hip-hop with CBase Reason and the management of logiciles done well, the tascan are quiet and precise can manage 32 tracks is a very good place to have a good convetisseur Calita for n months time dj is the compagon ideal for multitrack recording, no fuss, it is fairly simple and complete entry-level output. Our members also liked: