If you have the flash, then there is a leaked firmware upgrade tool, which may fix the problem. Self-powered and even low-power devices like USB 3. If throughput is what matters, look into getting more controllers first! June 17, at 6: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.

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I have device 05e3: But now more USB 3.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

What is my advice to all people in such situations, this is to avoid fiddling with firmware updates, because this will turn in to a brick any copycat produced chip. At first I thought the geneshs driver caused the hub to enumerate on the wrong controller, but after reading your explanation about the HW appearing as two separate hubs, I realized it simply mapped as a USB2 hub on the USB2 hub tree of the same Renesas controller to which it was hooked up.

Besides, GL integrates ADC to monitor current or voltage for port power consumption, and facilitates other controllers to jub power by accessing hub information through USB and I2C.


In addition to USB 3. March 14, at 7: Each to their own, I suppose. This is because USB 2. If throughput is what matters, look into getting more controllers first! May 28, at 4: In addition, GL supports both individual and gang mode and is available in types of packages to fulfill different designs. GL has built-in 5V to 3. Voltage drop will also occur over the back-feed prevention diode which is sometimes omitted in cheaper hubs.

I mean you could keep it and use it as a USB2.

Name Stefan Tauschek Email stefan. If you are smart and quick, just request full refund from the Ebay shop that you got it from.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB Hub from eBay | Gough’s Tech Zone

April 22, at 3: Such hub and such problem. March 15, at 5: June 17, at 6: A separate controller means a separate USB 3. To maintain a competitive advantage in our products and help our customers gain more product advantages, Genesys Logic is continuously introducing more advanced process technology and implementing copper process in our main products.

It makes GL to be ideal for power-demanding applications.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Sure I was offered a refund.


When I connect anything USB 3. Do not waste your time with downloads and hardware inspection, some one in China aiming to rip-off people by selling a gadget this coming with allot fake advertising. Hey there, I have this same kind of hub hhub GL chipset.

September 17, at 7: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3. So lets open it up. Still does not work.

There is also an inductor and a small ChongX capacitor which appears to filter the incoming power — although the capacitor itself is from a questionable lobic and seems a bit small for the job. The hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. Before I actually review the device in question — we should probably review whether having a hub is a good idea in the first place.