Based on Nilson data as of and Internet Retailer for 6. The analysis excludes money market funds, Undiscovered Managers Fund, and Brazil and India- domiciled funds. Real Assets and Private Equity portfolios are excluded. It assumes current market spreads for potential incremental issuance and does not factor in any potential credit spread widening as a result of increased issuance. Proven best-in-class long-term performance Source: Regional rankings as of 1H

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TLAC composition and calibration Note: Simpler products and processes Lower operational complexity and fewer control breaks Superior customer experience We have strengthened our controls and continue to simplify and innovate our businesses Based on Forrester Research, U.

Wealth Management Assets under Custody 9. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, which may vary.

Numbers may not sum due to rounding for illustrative purposes. Funds with fewer than three years of history are not rated by Morningstar nor Nomura and hence excluded from this analysis. Total AUM, brokerage, and deposit 6.

Based on disclosures by peers and internal estimates 3. Pfd equity Other tier 1 adjustments LTD and other qualifying instruments Qualifying allowance for credit losses Other 1 Goodwill and other intangible assets are net of any associated deferred tax liabilities The asset values were redenominated into USD using exchange rates sources by the aforementioned sources.


Refer to footnote 2 on slide 48 Real Assets and Private Equity portfolios are excluded.


The analysis pertains to percentage of assets under management, not percentage of funds. Capgemini World Wealth Report. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, which may vary Dollar amount of losses calculated as change in Basel I Tier 1 Common capital adjusted for constant common dividends 3.

Allianz cumulative reflects 4QQ14 as disclosure not yet available at time of print; flows reflect 4QQ Based on fourth quarter exchange rates across non-USD reporting peers. These measures are used by management to ut-8c the underlying performance of the business and for comparability with peers.

Card Services includes Commercial Card and Paymentech revenue 2 Prior year revenue for Card Services and International Revenue were restated to conform to current presentation 3 Denotes overseas revenue from U.

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Forward-looking statements This presentation contains forward-looking statements within the meaning communicaions the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of Mortgage Bankers Association 2 53 Improve quality of servicing portfolio.


Includes cash and due from banks and deposits with banks excluding CIB 2. CAGR — Customer satisfaction score: Past performance is not indicative of future performance, which may vary 3. Converted at average exchange rates FICO score1 Avg.

All performance is net of fees. National Association of Realtors, December Source: Excludes revenue, pretax income, and client assets attributable to Corporate and Institutional Client contrkller 8. Holding Company Commodities Subsidiaries U.

The source for performance measurement for all portfolios included in this analysis is J. Peer valuation — discount versus peers Source: Portfolios that do not have an assigned benchmark e. Based on Phoenix Credit Card Monitor for month period ending September ; based on card accounts and revolving balance dollars 8.