I normally check my config. If you don’t trust me, then rename your win. Proffitt Forum moderator June 30, 2: So Microsoft had to react. BootMulti this option enables multiple boot configurations.

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To do this, you simply add HIGH to the lines loading up the install. On some computers, specifying this switch may have no effect or cause EMM to identify upper memory areas as available when they are not.

Disables support for VCPI programs. Valid values for mmmm are in the ranges h through h and Ch through Eh, in increments of h. So delete them Keep your Hard Disk tidy!

In this case, you edit the line to exclude that mapped area and eventually include em3m86 rest. This program is nice, but its use can be risky.

Error message “EMM386 not installed” during windows bootup

install If you have completed your work reboot your machine after a pause of 15sec to give smartdrive time to flush its buffer. Because Windows does not support backfilled conventional memory, use the NoBackfill switch if your computer has less than K of conventional memory. Mostly you get many readme files you never want to read.


At first the command processor is loaded and afterwards the autoexec. Values for memory can be in the range 64 to the lesser of the amount of extended memory available or 32 Mb with the value being rounded down to the nearest multiple of Also, verify whether Himem.


Drivers loaded by default by the IO. I have made a copy of mine again:. Watch out for another tutorial on how to use 4DOS, which I will write in the near future. There is a patch from Microsoft which you should definatively apply!

You will notice, that you have the classic command. When windows is running the block between the if statement and: Logo Many people find it totally cool to have big background and startup pictures. Often programs insert lines into you autoexec. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. The ram switch provides access to less of the upper memory area for running device drivers and programs than does the noems switch.

Insstall in the range 10 through 14 should be used only on computers that have K of memory. NT NT Nothing wrong. Valid values for address are in the ranges h through h and Ch through Eh, in increments of h.

  1E3A 8086 DRIVER

MS-DOS EMM information and help

How is the best way to get this resolved. The complete message is “emm not installed – unable to set page frame address” 0 Votes. Here’s the registry reg content in that area. The same applies for the initializition of my sound blaster card. Then you have to go to the command prompt, either with a shell in Windows or from boot disk, or which ever way you prefer. Back to Windows Forum 8 total posts Page 1 of 1. Do not change anything.

Click Start, Runtype regeditand then press Enter. As a ijstall, your computer might stop responding. In addition, when himem and emm – not loaded by default using either the ram or noems switchesare loaded specifically in the Config. Or if you want to install network drives.