Being one of the smallest motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan, Iwill is in a relatively tough position against the larger manufacturers out there. Following up the original KT chipset from Via was never going to be an easy task in the Socket A market as it has been from the outset about the only worthwhile chipset out there. Iwill knows these facts well and it shows in their entry to the KTA market. Instead we were dealt a SDR solution. Unfortunately at this point my hair started falling out at an incredible rate. The Sandra scores however speak for themselves.

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W here Iwill does differentiate itself, and where in our opinion it does so beautifully, is by gaining the respect of the hardware community for its’ almost legendary ability to hit high Front Side Bus FSB speeds! Auvio board conforms to the normal ATX pattern so fitting should not be a problem.

Iwill KK Motherboard Review –

I cannot believe the power and speed of my machine since fitting this motherboard, even to the point it feels as flexible and responsive as a SMP machine. Good solid performance there and also very consistent.

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This will give you a theoretical maximum of mhz. No matter what I set the board to it kept locking up under even the lightest of loads.


Motherboard Watch: Iwill KK266Plus-R, Plus

After all, why invest more time and effort into such an aging chipset? One of the reasons DDRAM has had such a poor time gaining a strong foothold in the marketplace was because of wiill chipset.

I have purposefully left off 3Dmark scores as these are so video card dependant that they would not do this board justice.

There are currently no bios updates available from Iwill but that will change soon I guess but the guys at www. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. When I found out I would be reviewing this board my audko thoughts were Iwill? Just look at that bandwidth! Stability was achieved at cas2 with my current Crucial memory.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. All in all a very user friendly Bios. I made a preconception that the board would be rubbish and not be anywhere near as good as my Abit and Asus boards, how wrong can you be….

What’s different in the Iwill KK266Plus-R from the KK266-R ?

Iwlil matter where we put it or what irq we gave it the machine would fall over all the time. A few reboots later and we were all done, or so I thought. Only issue was with my SoundBlaster but this almost seems to be the norm with Via chipsets these days. Ships with the following: Hard drives spin up and power lights on but nothing.


The Overclocking options are fantastic and the board is very user friendly. One strange jumper that you will come across is the one to set the FSB manually. The Manual was an easy read although their English translations are not superb J. To succeed, they need to make a product competitive to that from other manufacturers in kk266 of performance and quality, while maintaining an attractive price. Windows install went just fine, no glitches at all.

Well this is where it comes into play.

The immensely popular KK line of motherboards has already won over the hearts of performance users and overclockers a like After 4 different sticks of memory, 2 different Hard drives, 2 different video cards and a shed load of help from Jackie0 on the Hard forums and Xev we got it sorted. Iwill KK Motherboard Review.

Fitting was a breeze what more can I say. The CD that comes with auduo Motherboard is bootable which is a nice touch. There is a very good reason for this, which I will cover later. So place your bets, and let’s see how the brothers-KK duke it out!