The next Episode of our drumandbass. Add comment July 1st, Add comment February 1st, Add comment July 8th, Those are the times a DJ is truly truly happy. Add comment August 1st,

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Kolt Siewerts | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Add comment July 8th, Add comment August 1st, Get his album on trackitdown! Add trucck February 1st, Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Download the latest version here. Shouts go out to Sektion Bewegtbild who made the video and all the friends who supported us in the shooting!

Bassface Sascha — Livin Music Audio clip: Add comment November 26th, Those are the times a DJ is truly truly happy. It is forbidden by law to have fun on Good Friday Karfreitag in Cologne. Add comment June 8th, No more updates here Sorry guys, I’m a bad blogger, please just follow me on facebook and you will see all my dates. Tune in on Saturday, Add comment December 3rd, Click here to get that champion sound….


Alternative Download if Soundcloud is down…].

Add comment June 2nd, For the first time in Cologne and for the last time at the Papierfabrik. Rave Huge lineup, looking forward to rock the upper Stadtgarten floor… Add comment September 16th, The next Episode of our drumandbass. Show your support on Facebook!

Add comment July 1st, Young Ax — System of a Survival Audio clip: Listen to the latest episode of the drumandbass. E xclusive mix by our man Kabuki!

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Click here to listen to all of the tracks…. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You sirwerts also get it on Soundcloud ]. Log in This blog is protected by Dave ‘s Spam Karma 2: Heavy new Podcast As the summer is officially over, we now have to deal with tons of great new releases. Add comment March 29th, More info on drumandbass.


Add comment September 16th, DJ Fresh, bigger than ever, now in town!