Jessicka Havok fought Nikki Roxx to a double count out. So I have never seen Anou before and I am not sure why she is wrestling on a Stardom card. Tracy Taylor defeated Amber O’Neal. She gets on the second turnbuckle again and hits a diving elbow drop to Yasukawa’s back, but Yasukawa barely gets a shoulder up. Santana Garrett c defeated Evie. Nell’episodio di Xplosion del 16 aprile, Jade ha sconfitto Marti Bell.

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She also wrestled in Mexico, using the gimmick The American Angel and she was unmasked in a match in the Lucha Libre Femenil negga on December 16, Il 4 agosto, batte La Rosa Negra, difendendo la cintura.

Shine Championship Triple Threat Match. In keeping with the theme, the wrestlers outside the ring may wear flannel shirts during lumberjack matches; an example of this is the 1—2—3 Kid in Perez hitting a dropkick on a seated Veda Scott.

Nel Volume 60, batte Melanie Cruise. La Rosa Negra won the High Speed Championship last month from Starfire in an upset, in a match that also saw Starfire injure her knee which may have led to that ending. Matches can be held under standard rules or as a specialty match, such as a cage match or a ladder match. Rain defeated Nikki Roxx. LuFisto c defeated Ivelisse.


Il 20 aprile, viene sconfitta da Lorelei Lee, tre giorni dopo rimedia un’altra sconfitta contro Sara Del Rey. Falls count anywhere “Anything Goes” match.

This Week in Stardom: April 17th, 2017 Edition

Retrieved July 21, This is random as hell. Hojo gets the better of it and goes up top, hitting a diving elbow strike.

She trained for piledrivef months before making her debut on August 22, adopting the ring name Mia Yim, after taking bookings outside of Virginia, she wrestled for Jersey All Pro Wrestling, facing wrestlers including Annie Social, Angeldust, and Brittany Force.

Iwatani drags La Rosa Negra up and she delivers the dragon suplex hold, getting the three count pinfall! Brandi Lauren defeated Amber Nova by submission.

Nel Volume 58, perde anche da Hikaru Shida. A Winner Takes All match is a match where both wrestlers are champions going into the match, and the winner receives the championship of the loser and this is not the same as a championship unification match.

Starfire | Joshi City

Later that same night on Volume 20, she was defeated by Ariel, at the October 19 tapings pildriver Volumes 21 and 22 Roxx defeated Danyah and lost to Jetta. Jessicka Havok defeated Allysin Kay. Santana Garrett c defeated Evie. Hojo wins the match and is the new 1 Contender.


Shine Wrestling events

Tag team match for the Shine Tag Team Championship. October 11th, Location: Wolf bites Mimura in the arm but Mimura applies a wristlock.

InDel Rey became only the woman to make it to Pro Wrestling Illustrateds list of top wrestlers in the world.

Perez posing in the ring during a 2CW show in Roaa Love defeated Taylor Made. Amanda Rodriguez defeated Renee Michelle. Mercedes Martinez defeated Santana.

From January 16, she started working on the piledriverr circuit and appeared at the unofficial ECW reunion show, in lateJazz and Rodney Mack opened Dirtysouth Championship Wrestling, an independent promotion based in Louisiana.

She of course is going out on a high note, challenging Stardom superstar Io Shirai for her World of Stardom Championship. Su Yung defeated Saraya Knight by count out.