If you look closely, look into our eyes You will see a look there that will, never say die We have been through too much, to give it all in And one day though, we know not when Well I, know we will win. Is it the immigrants fault that British law is written as it is? A skeptic said to me one sunny day, why the worried look upon your face? Well if we don’t win our battle, and all does not go well It’s apocalypse for Britain, and we’ll see you all in hell. Look over there it’s a lefty, sitting with his red star on We all stand up, we have a laugh, it’s obvious his mind has gone He says that every man’s an equal, and he says, every man’s the same Yeah but one man’s rich, and another’s poor, well life’s a funny game, ain’t it Trotsky? You’ve formed a small resistance, you’ve got a few guns You plan a small ambush, but you end up on the run You’re running through the foothills, but you’ll never make your cave You’re just another rebel in an unmarked grave.

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Riding down the highway, going to a show Stepping on the by-ways, playing rock n’ roll Getting robbed, far from home Getting beat up, broken bone Getting had, getting took I tell you folks it’s harder than it looks.

The lands is ours. Get out on the job in the morning Time is draggin’ by real slow Boss is keepin’ me xrown the go Sick of that routine work now Sorting’s drivin’ me insane When I’m done doin’ one thing Boss says do it again And I said I’ll tell you at the moment you’re a dreadful waste of time. If you like Left to Drown, you may also ro.

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My mind’s ablaze with tortured doubts, and sleep it will not come The lashing rains of uncertainty, make me think of things I’ve done in the past now Like to run from all this pain, I’m trapped upon the decks The storm’s approaching, the skies are dark, and dreams could be shipwrecked. Tell me why you’re doing what you do Is it someone else now, or is it you? Its current leader, Nick Griffin, was just cleared of charges of inciting racial hatred.

Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside? Now our country’s, over-run Politcian, explain, what was happening in your brain Foreign intruders, that’s true, but I bet none of them live near you. Out there on the fields, where battles are fought There lies a million soldiers dying, in a war in which they’ve been caught But back home in the government where the traitors dwell With thoughts of profit, no ideals, they’ll send you somewhere, pretty much like hell – chorus As life bleeds away, as life bleeds away As life bleeds away, but the soldier tried As life bleeds away, as life bleeds away As life bleeds away, so does a nation’s pride – In a war fought for profit, in a war fought for greed Life, it costs nothing, it’s just another mouth to feed In a war fought against a brother, in a war from which we’re suffering still A continent still mourns her children, in a war in which White Pride was killed.


Though it may not get airtime on radio stations, a kind of rock music has drafted some legislation of its own, a bill damning globalism, multiculturalism and promoting the traditional enemies of these ideals: Cause I’m a soldier of freedom, a soldier of freedom, a soldier of freedom… fights Reds.

Now it seems that we are next on our government’s thick hit-list Race relations and homo rights, well these causes’ feet are kissed Seems we are a minority in our own motherland Our pleas for justice and common sense, well they disregard and ban.

Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red. Now look at a sick society, look back in time Now look at a sick society, who commits the crime? Yeah do we run ’round with spears? As we skdewdriver to the future, and hope that our kin survive All we can do now, is pray for them all. And I don’t skrwwdriver , where I am going I just want to be, left alone For when this train ends, I’ll try again And I’m leaving my woman, at home.

We are mother Europe’s sons And we, are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s skrwwdriver And if a fight’s worth fighting sjrewdriver carry on We are mother Europe’s sons And we are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And if a fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on Freedom, what freedom? And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun I’ve been walking skrewwdriver day, and I’m nearly done – I see by your gravestone, you were only nineteen When you joined the great call-up in nineteen sixteen And I hope you died quick, and I hope you died clean Or young Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?


Well if you do, then you’re no use ‘Cos they’re just trying to shape us.

Or skrewdriver you rise and realize, what they’re doing to your brain With their Media and their politics, well their lies come so easily Well we’ve got to fight, and earn the right, to stand up proud and free. Purchasable with gift card. All of the good times, have been and gone Life’s just a struggle, yeah to carry on They got all the money, but they won’t create skreewdriver jobs They’re bringing in poverty, and giving money to the cops, they say So many lives have been wasted, scattered as dead leaves upon the ground In the cause of the freedom they had tasted, and for the liberty they found Ground beneath the heels of Red jackboots, with half of Europe ruled by skrewdrivr Red beast Whilst the other half were fooled ‘to thinking they were free, whilst kosher power ruled at every feast.

And the people shout for justice, and none of your dirty little tricks. If a traitorous Marxist sees a national flag He pickets in protest, he thinks it’s a rag For he is not normal, he’s eaten by skdewdriver Hate for his country, and fear of his fate. When my fist clenches crack it open Before I use it to lose skrewdriverr cool When I smile, tell me some bad news Before I laugh, and act like a fool.

Looked into your eyes, and what did I see? They say a problem shared is a problem halved And as time passes by it will prove it We all need somebody to lend a helping hand And when the chance arrives just grab it. From freedom’s flame we are searching We’re on the quest for freedom’s light It’s the first thing skrewdrier the morning And it’s the last thing late at night.

For England White Power!

Left to Drown | Chugcore

As a crowds gathers ’round an angry young man, face down in the street with a gun in his hand In the ghetto White ghettos As the young man dies. Tommorow Belongs to Me.

But a twin threat emerges in their music in the mid s- that of communism.