This site is text based for speedy access to useful M information. All parameters relate to IDE drives except Type. Finally, my own modifications are presented for your consideration. Mainly about the V7. Make sure voltages for ram, cpu are correct. Following procedures can help you to protect your mainboard from electrostatic discharge: From Adrian Oboroc’s site.

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Return to General Old Hardware. HDD sleep utility – 68K. For me it is just a mess of numbers, and PC looks hosed.

PC Chips M571 VGA Drivers Video Driver

You probably want to upgrade though. Change User Password This item lets you configure the system password and that is required every time the system boots or an attempt is made to enter the Setup program.

The only real choice you make is if you are using slot 1 or socket Select Shut Down The Computer to turn off the computer. Enter new values on proper position.

PC Chips m driver – PC Chips Video Drivers –

The thing is that this board really doesn’t have jumper settings like 5m71 boards. This item is set up to auto detect as many as four IDE devices. What other things can I try? Dual Xeon X 4. The on-board peripherals have excellent driver support, which surprised me how boards from that era have full Win 3.


One may well ask why, inanyone might have any interest in an M based computer system. Despite the age of the M, there are still many reasons to use them, even today.

The M Page: Upgrades, Performance, BIOS downloads and Technical Resources

Keep a record of your new password in a safe place. How to flash your BIOS. What are the risks of dropping the bios from the working into the socket on the broken one? You use the BIOS setup program to tell the operating system what type of devices are connected to your system board.

Do not remove the mainboard from its original package until you are ready to install it. When the system is on, push the power button rapidly to switch the system to the Suspend mode, and, by push and hold the button for more than 4 seconds to turn the system completely off.

Targa Series II Benchmark results: Save the file and exit the edit application and restart Windows. The user of this information in any way assumes all risk for that use.

  MS 7176 VER 2A1 DRIVER

M and related Links. Upon me digging it back up to build a Pentium 75 system- it simply won’t post. All Chipset Setup options are then displayed and are described in the following section: Total speed MHz max.

The computer will fga the full on power state if any activity occurs. I see 5V listed under your PC Which power supply are you using? Information on this site has NOT been authorized by PcChips, nor any company selling these boards, nor any manufacturer of components incorporated into the motherboard.

PC Chips m571 Video Driver

I haven’t compared the speed to my VX system though. Following procedures can help you to protect your mainboard from electrostatic discharge: It can cache MB. I have also tried a P