A call to customer service brought me to Carmel, a wonderfully helpful rep. It does not appear that it will impede any type of 4 wheeling in the Forester, which was also a concern, as I see some hitches on cars are so big, that it would impact clearance. As far as the installation, the hitch worked perfect with my Subaru Forester. Powder coat began to flake off of hitch near adapter. I purchased the auxiliary strap as was suggested but the hitch feels so solid that I am not sure I will need it.

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Pretty amazing how simple and easy it was. The parts are well made and quick to install. I took my 18 yo son and I two hours to nutdrivrr . My one hesitation with installing this well made hitch was drilling out the holes in the frame of my Forester in order to slide the attachment bolts into place.

Easy install, works great with my utility nutcriver . To make it easier for myself no help I removed both exhaust mufflers. From ordering to installing,easy peasy. Thanks a bunch for the great product. Step Bit makes a quick clean round opening for fishing bolts and backing plates.

I just completed doing a Subaru Forrester and it came out great! I want to mention that i did double the nuts to prevent them from loosening.


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As shown in the pictures I enlarged the hole inside the vehicle and then sealed with butyl tape, Fishing from the top was very easy. My son was able to install it relatively easily. This looks to be an excellent product and bolt on ready.

I’d say 40 minutes, in spite of this issue, is not accurate. It took about 40 minutes. I have nothing but a high recommendation. Instructions included were pretty clear and lots of videos online too.

I am very pleased with the Curt hitch I purchased from etrailer. Really happy with the hitch, took less than an hour to install. Inspires a level of confidence for those who still want the satisfaction of installing their own equipment.

I installed it myself. Simply pop up the two black buttons on each side nutdriver remove the foam, they pop back in when your finished for access. This is the second hitch that I have purchased and installed on a Subaru Forester two different vehicles.

Installations go as described in their videos, usually with no unexpected problems. Fitment is great, and I have a Curt hitch on my older forester magba isn’t rusting, so I expect the same from this one.


So I took the muffler out ,which was still easy since the car was new and I modified the heat shield to fit with the hitch and reinstalled.

Much more economical and better looking than the dealership option. Would reduce the time a lot.

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The hitch is well built and fits the car nicely. Everything is perfect everything went p erfect It was overall a straight forward install and I would recommend this hitch to others. I drilled two holes next to the big hole so it looked like mickey mouse – sorry i did not take a picturethen just bent the “tab” of metal between my two holes nutrdiver of the way to fish through the bolts and the flat pieces of metal which prevent the bolts from turning.

Everything went great, shipped very fast, got my product in four days! We deviated from the mwgna in that we removed the muffler completely from the car. Both were installed by my Subaru mechanic.