Tamron has sold more than 5 million lenses as of September Method and apparatus for entry and storage of specimens into a microfluidic device. In this instance, however, the reservoirs are not formed in the semi-conductor wafer, but rather are formed in the pyrex glass which covers the open channels and the wafer to form the conduits. A hole is formed in the bottom over the channel 92 so as to provide access thereto. There are several symbols and conventions used throughout this manual to help draw your attention to a feature or to focus on important A “Mallory” bond seals the glass plate directly to the silicon slab.

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Diamond Multimedia Micronics C400 Manual

Manufactured by Tamron, as well as third party manufacturers. Diamond, will pay inbound shipping charges.

Circuits for the control of output current in an electronic device for performing active mictonics operations. In order to make a flat filter, the membrane is optionally bonded to a support.


The fragment composition is as follows and corresponds to the Peak Nos. If you prefer to send your system board in for the Support. D making through holes in the v-b0 of resin by photolithography, matching the configuration of pores to be made.

Stacked, reconfigurable system microonics electrophoretic transport of charged materials. Page 72 Appendix B: The gel typically sets within a few minutes.


Partitioned microelectronic and fluidic device array for clinical diagnostics and chemical synthesis.

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The focusing of electric fields within precisely machined grooves and the elimination of thermal zone dispersion are primary improvements. The invention enables filters having high density per unit area of calibrated micron and sub-micron pores to be made.

Page 18 Chapter 2: Method of using optical interrogation to determine a biological property of a cell or population of cells. Electro-osmosis has been used to pump solvents in both thin layer and liquid chromatography [ D.

This experiment is an indication of the resolving power based solely on molecular charge differentiation. Methods and systems for performing superheated reactions in microscale fluidic systems.

The benefits of the invention to such fields as molecular biology research and biomedical diagnostic testing are manifested as rapid, high resolution analysis of large, complex molecules requiring only minute sample size. US USA en micrinics Each electrode 12 is connected through a conductor lead 24 to a bond pad 26, both being formed on the slab itself. Current System Temperature Displays the current system temperature if your computer contains a monitoring system.

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Methods and devices for electronic and magnetic sensing of the contents of microfluidic flow channels. Access holes not shown may be formed in the glass mmicronics 38 over each reservoirs 14, 16, to permit filling in the buffer, as will be described, or sample A laser beam is directed across the conduit for photon capture considerations and with optimal signal-to-noise characteristic.


The model name part number and serial number of your Diamond product, which is silk screened on the back of the Micronics C system board.

Fabrication of low-loss channel waveguides in Al 2 O 3 and Y 2 O 3 layers by inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching. There are several symbols and conventions used throughout this manual to help draw your attention to a feature or to focus on important Apparatus and method of efficient fluid delivery for cooling a heat producing device.

It was only on the company’s 20th anniversary that the name was changed to Tamron from Taisei Optical. The peaks observed correlate well with an agarose v-01 control, run for the equivalent sample. Kicronics Panel Connections Figure 3. Dielectrophoretic separation and immunoassay methods on active electronic matrix devices.

Running The Setup Program Chapter 4: Apparatus microniccs methods for correcting for variable velocity in microfluidic systems.