Generally worse than spline36 , but it results in a slightly sharper image which is good for some content types. See below for a list of hookable textures. The name of the binding as established above. Playing a file with -v will show the requested and obtained exact buffer size. Example x Make the window at least pixels wide and pixels high depending on the video aspect ratio, the width or height will be larger than in order to keep the aspect ratio the same.

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This driver is for compatibility with extremely foreign environments, such as systems where none of the other drivers are available. Sign up ivdeo log in Sign up using Google.

You can also specify a directory that contains files previously copied directly from a DVD with e.

mpv (media player) – Wikipedia

The player frontend selects the streams from the full TS in this case, so the program which is shown initially may not match the chosen mplayerr2. Currently, this is the same as the title index. This means audio decoding will go as fast as possible, instead of timing it to the system clock. The implementation is not perfect, and could be improved on request. A Cycle aspect ratio override.


The latter is a heuristic, as it’s generally not possible to determine this with certainty. The file will contain raw samples, each with a timestamp.


The –vd-lavc-framedrop option mplayef2 what frames to drop. By default, it uses the same value as –osd-duration. Change video filter chain. Just remove the leading — from the option name.

This happens only if decoder frame dropping is enabled with the –framedrop options. This driver is for compatibility with systems that don’t provide working OpenGL drivers.

Embedding the Player Control in a Web Page Displayed by Firefox

Q Like qbut store the current playback position. It is used mplzyer2 distinguish multiple decoders for the same codec. Stack Mplzyer2 works best with JavaScript enabled. The length X must be in the range If it’s growing, it might indicate a playback problem. Do NOT use –playlist with random internet sources or files you do not trust!

Usually lavc for libavcodec. Soft-clipping can make the sound more smooth if very high volume levels are used. This is the case with automatically loaded profiles, file-dir configs, and other cases.


Unavailable in some rare cases. Not to be confused with RoarAudio, which is something completely different. This option most likely should not be used.

This is for example PCM or Master. For mkv files, the index will usually match even mplaye2 the default builtin demuxer is used, but there is no hard guarantee.

Like defaultbut never use a shadow-texture. Don’t select the subtitle.

mpv (media player)

The first entry is 0. This is the default for compatibility reasons. Normally it should be 0 or close to 0.